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      M ulti-talented, Evangelist Winona L. Thomas, is one of Metro Detroit’s rare treasures.  Known for her many accomplishments including talk show host, producer, author of four inspirational books, writer of inspirational poetry, articles, prayers, reflections and thematic plays, Winona has illuminated 3 key action steps that continue to transform important break-throughs in the lives of women!  She declares that “With every storm, every challenge, we must make the decision to “live and not die” spiritually or emotionally. When fear stares us down, we must keep moving and take the fear with us until we overcome it! This means we must face our fears head-on without backing down. She had to Fight to become a survivor, which means fight the storms and the challenges on your life’s journey with your faith in God and the study of the Holy Bible and prayer as your weapons.

     It is through the “Beautiful You, On The Inside” Workshops & Seminars, that Winona is able to truly pour into and impart her faith, her strength, her courage, and the inspiration that only a true  relationship with God can transform. Winona has helped to elevate women to new levels in their personal and professional lives by sharing keys to survival and success!

     Winona is also the CEO/Founder of the Successful Single Mom Foundation. She has witnessed first-hand the struggles, the pain, and the sacrifices birthed out of being a single mother. The goal for this foundation is to encourage and inspire mothers to rise above the challenges and know that raising a child(ren) and living a successful life is possible. Winona is the mother of a 22- year daughter.


     Facilitator of spiritually and emotionally liberating tools, it is through her books, teachings, and speaking messages,Winona shares the journey of motherhood, adversity, healing, and triumph of surviving and thriving in your faith.


Image by Masaaki Komori