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Imagine you were born with a chronic neuro-musclar disease and had to be medicated for most of your adult life. Then you are healing in your thirties and no longer need the medication! That is great news right? The only problem is-now you have breast cancer. Winona Thomas shares her journey of healing and her testament of faith in God!

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The beauty of an individual begins with the reflection on the inside; the beauty of an individual begins with asking yourself, Do I love me? The beauty of an individual begins with asking yourself, Do I have inner peace about who I am in God?

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Church hurt has affected millions of people who belong to a place of worship. The results are some people never return to church due to personal offenses or rejection at the hand of someone including leaders in the church. This book is a teaching tool to help you heal from church hurt.


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A woman who has gone through life with many issues and many lords, Ruth must make the ultimate decision of who will be the one and true Lord of her life. Her decision is vital in whether she lives or dies at the hand of her lord!

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Mom's let talk! When you think of jewels, what comes to mind? Something precious, valuable, irreplaceable right? Jewels are something we hold close to our hearts. These 7 Jewels help me teach, train, love and nurture my daughter through the most challenging times of my life!

The purpose of Kiras Publishing , LLC is to assist and inspire new and beginning authors birth their vision of seeing themselves as a published writer to becoming a successful published author. 

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