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Seminar Courses:
*Having God on the Inside
*The Beauty of God
*The Fruit of the Spirit on the Inside
*Inner Healing/Divine Healing
*Study of the Love Triangles
*Letting go of Church hurt
*Recorded healings of Jesus
*Spiritual Warfare
*There must be a death: Old vs New
Seminar Testimonials:
Minister Winona, you did an outstanding job! I really enjoyed the content of the class. God has truly prepared you to bring this teaching of inner healing & deliverance. So many nuggets and day to day blessings.

This has been an excellent course. I have been needing this for more than half of my life and I seriously recommend this course to everyone
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Giving you the action keys to keep it moving despite of adversity that will allow you to walk right into your manifested breakthrough!

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